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英语作文万能句子书信 英语写信作文通用句子

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英语作文万能句子书信 英语写信作文通用句子



You letter came to me this morning.

I have received your letter of July the 20th.

I’m writing to you about the lecture to be given next Monday.

I’m writing to ask if you can come next week.

How time flies! It’s three months since I saw you last.

Thank you for your letter.

In reply to your letter about (the exhibition this year)…;

Let me tell you that…


Please remember me to your whole family.

Give my best regards (wishes) to your mother.

Best wishes.

With love.

Wish you a pleasant journey.

Wish you success. Wish you the best of health. (luck)

Looking forward to your next visit to China.

Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you.

Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.


How is everything?一切都好吗?

I hope everything is all right.我希望(你)一切都好。

How are you?你好吗?

How are you getting along these days? I miyou very much.你近来过得如何?我十分想念你。

I was very happy to receive your letter of October 10th.我很高兴收到你10月10日的来信。

Thank you for writing to me.谢谢你给我写信。

Your letter came into my hand yesterday.我是昨天收到你的来信的。

It's a long time since I got your last letter.我收到你的信已经很长一段时间了。

I'm sorry I took so long to reply.很报歉给你回信晚了。

I have been so busy recently that I could hardly find any time to write.我最近挺忙,未能抽出时间给你写信。

Many thanks for the wonderful present you sent me.谢谢你寄给我那么好的礼物。

I'm so sorry for not having written to you for such a long time.十分报歉,很久没有给你写信了。



I have received your letter of July Ist. 7月1 日来信已经收悉。

I have the pleasure to tell you that …….很高兴告诉你……。

I am very much delighted to receive your letter. 非常高兴收到你的来信。

It is my honor to inform you that ……很荣幸告诉你……。


I am looking forward to hearing from you 盼早日回信。

Wish best regards. 祝好。

Thank you for your help 感谢你的帮助!

Wish my best wishes for your success. 祝你成功。

Wish you a happy holiday. 祝假日愉快!

Hoping to hear from you soon. 希望能尽快收到你的回信。